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eTutoring currently has three consortiums in the United States, the Northeast, Northwest, and Ohio.

Join one of these programs and give your students access to hundreds of tutoring hours a week.

To participate, your institution needs to allocate a percentage of tutor time to the collaborative based on your students’ usage.

Once a member, your students will have immediate access to online tutoring across several subject areas, including our Online Writing Lab.

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Consortia in Operation
  • Northeast eTutoring Consortium: Current members are in Connecticut,
    Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Illinois and Texas.For more information on joining the Northeast eTutoring Consortium
    contact Carolyn Caggiano.
  • Western Consortium: Current members are in Washington, Oregon, Utah,
    California, Wyoming, Idaho and Texas.For more information on the Western eTutoring Consortium contact
    Sarah Bergfeld.
  • Ohio Consortium: Current members are in Ohio.For more information on the Ohio eTutoring Consortium contact
    Karen Boyd.
  • eTutor Alberta: Current members are in Alberta, Canada.For more information on eTutor Alberta contact
    Elizabeth Gripping.
  • WriteAway: Current members are in British Columbia, Canada.For more information on the WriteAway eTutoring contact
    Megan Robertson.

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