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What benefits does eTutoring offer for your institution?

Looking to expand the tutoring subjects and hours of support available to your students? Provide access to tutoring resources when they need them. eTutoring offers a number of benefits to your campus, including:

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  • Easy online access
  • Options for asynchronous and synchronous tutoring and writing support
  • Central Repository of all student submissions and tutor responses
  • Online tutor scheduling and quality assurance
  • Reporting functions w/details of student usage, response turnaround time, ongoing and across semester
  • Access to a dynamic Resource Library

What People Are Saying About eTutoring
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Community College of Vermont used one of the most popular commercial online tutoring services before switching to the CTDLC eTutoring consortium in 2005. Although cost was certainly a factor in the switch-eTutoring provides far more student access than we could afford from the commercial service-the more significant attraction was the ability to have a voice in the scheduling and services provided by eTutoring. As a consortium member, CCV participates in decisions regarding tutor training and evaluation, curricular areas supported, the functionality of the tutoring website, and other crucial matters. We are also able to choose and supervise the CCV tutors who participate in the consortium, in consultation with eTutoring staff. Because of this collaborative approach, we can tell students with confidence that they will receive high-quality academic support from eTutoring.

The excellent reporting systems developed by eTutoring allow us to determine with precision which students use the various services available, so we are able to assess the impact of eTutoring on student success. Based on the available usage data, we have found that both our classroom and online students benefit from eTutoring. Students themselves confirm the value of eTutoring in annual user surveys. For a college like CCV that has an entirely nonresidential student body and a large proportion of online students, eTutoring has allowed us to extend significantly the availability of academic support services.

Quote from Eric Sakai, eTutoring Coordinator for Community Colleges of Vermont

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Read what one of our Tutors in the Western eTutoring Consortium says about eTutoring in her blog.

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What options are available to me?

eTutoring offers two models: collaborative and single. Within the collaborative model, participating institutions share resources to provide greater coverage and quicker turn-around time. eTutoring monitors the quality of the tutor feedback. Within the individual model, an institution is free to use the software platform with their own tutors.

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What technology will my students need?

eTutoring is built to be cross platform and cross browser compatible. The only plug-in students will need to have installed on their computers is Adobe Flash for the live tutoring sessions.

How do I learn more?

Our staff is more than happy to demonstrate the platform to you and to answer any questions.

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