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How does eTutoring benefit students?

Tired of traveling to campus just to ask a question? Don’t have time to make an appointment? Get access to tutoring resources when you need them. Depending on your institution’s program, the eTutoring platform offers access to a number of tutoring resources, including:

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  • An Online Writing Lab
  • An eQuestion Drop Box
  • Live Tutors in a virtual meeting space
  • Archives of all your submitted work
  • A Dynamic Resource Library

What People Are Saying About eTutoring
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I wanted simply to get a message to ALL…e-tutoring people who have helped me this semester to get through my English course.

Many, many thanks for the reviews, the directions, and the comments. All were worthy of consideration and taken to heart. This is such a valuable tool for students, I hope it continues to be funded. This is almost better than on-campus student mentoring, since it is always available and student tutoring on campus is not. Thank you again…It’s fabulous!

Quote from Jessie Burnswig

Who will be tutoring me?

All the tutors are provided by the participating institutions. Tutors must meet rigid qualifications and are constantly evaluated to make sure they are providing the best possible assistance.

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How do I join?

Access to is free for students whose institution participates in the program.

Click here to see if your school is a member.

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