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Fulton-Montgomery Community College 


September 10th, 2018 -  December 14th, 2018 



·       Writing – All Subjects including Graduate-level Writing
·       Math (from the developmental level through Pre-Calculus)
·       Calculus I. and II.
·       Statistics
·       Accounting, including Business Accounting, Business Law, Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting 
·       Biology
·       Anatomy & Physiology
·       Chemistry
·       Nursing
·       Graduate level sciences:  A&P, Biochemistry, Pathology
·       Research Methods and Information Literacy
·       Computer Science, covering C++, Java and Computer Programing 1 & 2




  •  Your eTutor user name will be your numerical POWERCAMPUS identification. It is the last 5 digits of your PowerCAMPUS student identification number (e.g. 00001 would be your username).

  • Remember your user name is case sensitive  

  • Initial Password: etutoring (must change password after initial log in)

  • Note this platform is not linked to POWERCAMPUS or ANGEL

  • Remember to enter valid email address as requested in login

Having problems logging in?  Contact Colleen Sanders, Writing Center Coordinator, 518-762-4651 x8061 or email

Having problems once you’ve logged in? Go to the following site:


eTutoring services:

-       Writing lab – submit a paper and receive feedback within 24- 48 hours. You can submit a draft three times. Tutors will not edit your essay but they will provide comments on students' writing: organization, structure, style, and major grammatical errors.

-       Live Tutor via e-chat – meet with tutor one-on-one  in a virtual environment. Live sessions are offered in Accounting, Math, Calculus, Statistics, Info Lit, and Bio (including A&P)

-       Off-line Question –ask a specific question to etutor who will responds within 48 hours


Please Note:

If you choose eChat, colored tutor icons will show which tutors are online.  Click the icon you wish to "chat" with. Note your browser must be set to allow pop-ups for eChat to work.

If a tutor is not available, you can leave the tutors an eQuestion.

The weekly Tutor Schedules are available in the lower right hand side of the welcome page.

On-ground tutoring is also available in both the Math Lab, located on the second floor in Evans Library and the Writing Center, located on first floor of Evans Library, just under the archway!





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