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Welcome to the Spring 2015 semester of eTutoring!

Check out a video on how eTutoring works:

Getting Started With eTutoring: 

To log in, use your assigned Terra email (first initial and full last name followed by three  numbers and the password "terracc"

Example: Amanda Student

password: terracc

  • You will have the opportunity to change your password after your first login.
  • eTutoring is not connected to any of your other Terra accounts; changing your password here will NOT change it in another account.
  • You must read and accept the eTutoring Terms and Conditions by checking the "I agree to all terms and conditions" box at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on one of the eTutoring Resources on the welcome page and you are started.

eTutoring Resources

If you are submitting a paper for review, please keep in mind that the eTutors do not proofread to identify and/or correct every error in your paper. Rather, tutors identify patterns of errors or weaknesses and explain how to make improvements to your writing.

  • Online Writing Lab allows you to submit a draft of your paper to a tutor, ask for specific feedback, and receive your work back with a tutor's comments within 24 to 48 hours.  (You may submit three drafts per paper.)
  • Offline Questions allows you to leave a specific question for an eTutor, who will respond within 48 hours (but usually sooner).
  • Tutoring via synchronous chat with tutors in the following subjects:
    • Math (from the developmental level through Calculus II)
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • The Weekly Tutor Schedules are available on the lower right-hand bottom of the welcome page.

If you need login assistance, send an e-mail to

If you need technical assistance with the eTutoring platform itslef, please click on SUPPORT on the uppermost part of your screen, or here:

We hope that you find the eTutoring support to be of great value to you in your courses.  Best of luck in your studies this semester!

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