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Need tutoring beyond what’s offered in the Learning Success Center?

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·         In additional subject areas? 


Using an eTutor
Connect with an eTutor by logging in at the left. Once you reach this login screen, you might choose to Bookmark this site or add it to your Favorites under the browser menu.


 MHCC Student ID# (if less than six digits, add a 0 as the first digit)


 MHCC Student ID# (if less than six digits, add a 0 as the first digit)


Once you login for the first time, you may choose to change your password for security purposes. You’ll also want to make sure that your listed email address is correct, so you can communicate with tutors (very important if you’re receiving feedback on a paper from a Writing Tutor).

If you experience problems logging in to the site or would just like more one-on-one help getting started with online tutoring, meet with Lance Lannigan in the 3333 LSC Computer Lab.
               Email:     Phone: (503) 491-7144


Western eTutoring Consortium
The Learning Success Center, in partnership with the Western eTutoring Consortium (representing over 40 western colleges) offers timely, personal service using your own computer to access the consortium’s professional tutors.



·        Accounting

·        Anatomy & Physiology

·        Biology

·        Calculus

·        Chemistry

·        Economics

  • Engineering (Circuits & Digital Systems only)


·     Math (etutoring  in MTH 111 and above recommended for MHCC students—etutoring below MTH 111 may not meet the requirements of MHCC courses)

·        Microsoft Office

·        Physics

·        Spanish

·        Statistics

·        Web Development

·        Writing




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