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eTutoring is not offered during the Summer 2013 term

Dear Ursuline College Student:

Welcome to eTutoring! 

E Tutoring is provided for registered Ursuline College students and is offered  in addition to existing tutoring opportunities available on campus which are listed in your handbook and updated in two places: Mullen Room 312's  bulletin board AND the Ursuline College web page ( You can also call URSA at 440-449-2049 for help locating campus tutors.The tutoring opportunities on campus are directed specifically at the courses taught on campus.

The tutoring available through eTutoring is not course specific, but subject specific. E Tutoring is a convenient  resource for you while you are at home or away from campus. These resources are available to you during Fall and Spring semesters with the exception of final exam week. You have access to e Tutoring in the following areas:  Math, Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Writing.

Check the online tutoring schedules on the lower right side of the welcome page.

On this site you can access help in several ways. You can use the Offline Questions to leave a specific question for a tutor who will respond within 48  hours (or sooner); you can meet a tutor in an interactive, online session through eChat; and you can submit a draft of a paper to the Online Writing Lab and receive feedback on your work. Note: online tutors will not proofread your essays nor do they have copies of any of your textbooks.

First time users will need to create an account. 1) Click on "Need an account" link on the left side of this page. 2) Enter your name and Ursuline College email address.  3) Your user name will be your last name, period, and first initial.  4) Create a password of 6 characters (Save your password as UC will not have access to find or reset this password). Use the SUPPORT menu if you are in need of assistance with the eTutoring platform.

Log in and have immediate access to these valuable resources.

Questions or comments? Visit URSA office--Mullen 312.

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