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Welcome to the Virtual Writing Center! This login page is for students in the Antioch University Online programs (formerly Antioch Connected). If you attend a different campus, please go back to the VWC home page and click the link for your campus on the righthand side.


To Log In:

Your username is your AUEID number (also called your student ID#). If this is your first visit to the VWC, your default password is the last 5 digits of that number, followed by your first initial (capitalized) followed by the first two letters of your last name (lower case). For example, your password will have the structure "12345Abc"


If You Have Trouble With Your Password: use the “forgot password” link on the left to have a new temporary password sent automatically to your Antioch gmail address.  

If the “forgot password” link gives you the error message “e-mail not recognized,” please contact the VWC Coordinator and include your name, your antioch gmail address, your AUEID number, and your campus affiliation, at

If you receive any other error messages, please contact eTutoring support using the support link in the upper right corner.

Types of Support:

     The Online Writing Lab allows you to submit a draft of your paper to a peer writing consultant, ask for specific feedback on up to three areas, and receive a written response within 48 hours. You can submit up to three drafts of each writing assignment. You may have a different peer consultant each time because our consultants are also students who work on particular days each week. However, this also benefits you as a writer by giving you multiple perspectives and different styles of explanation, which help you develop your own style and aesthetics.

     The eQuestions forum allow you to leave a specific question about something when you don't yet have a draft, such as a citation format, the convention of a type of assignment, or how to do something else related to your writing.

     Our policy for long submissions: Tutors will read up to 10 double-spaced pages of a long submission, and you can revise the entire document based on that feedback and resubmit multiple times. However, we can no longer accept long files split into multiple chunks. To see the whole policy, check out our page on Submitting Writing and What to Expect.

We look forward to working with you!


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