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Welcome to Brookdale Community College's eTutoring service


eTutoring Is Now Open For The Spring 2019 Term. 

Important Note:  If you are logging in for the first time this term your password has been reset to etutoring

Login Istructions:

Enter your username.  Your username is your BCC user name, that is, it is the portion of your email address preceding the @ sign.  If your email address is your username would be smartstudent.

Enter the password.  The initial password is "etutoring" without the quotes

Be sure Student is selected

Click on Sign In

After your first login please change your password.  If you do not change your password now you can do it anytime by clicking profile in the upper right hand corner.

Click on the I agree to all terms and conditions box and click on update profile to continue.  You are now logged into eTutoring and may take advantages of all of it’s services.

If you have any problems logging in please contact John Popovich, for assistance.

If you need assistance once you are logged in click the help link in the upper right corner.


Remember:  There are many excellent on campus tutoring resources at Brookdale Including:

 The Learning Commons in the Bankier Library

The Writing Center

The Stem Lounge

The Math Lab

The Reading Center

Student Success Centers in the HECs




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