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Welcome to the Western eTutoring Consortium! You can use the online tutors 7 days per week, some days late into the evening. Check the tutor schedules for the subject expertise you seek. 

To Log In:

  • Use your username (L#) 
  • Your MyLane/Moodle password
If that doesnt work click on the "reset my password". If that doesn't work, please email Liz at

Once set up:

  • Update your profile settings. If you want text messages when your questions are answered or your paper has been reviewed, enter your cell phone number. Otherwise you will be contacted via email. 
  • Please identify the subject area(s) you will receive tutoring in and add the pertinent CRNs in your myLane Enrollment. CRNs are the same for online and face-to-face tutoring. Adding these CRNs is free to you and funds the Tutoring Services Program.
  • In addition to the subjects listed below, tutoring is offered in a variety of subjects. Add the CRN that most closely resembles your subject. Thank you!

Summer 2018:

  1. Anatomy  11602
  2. Computer 11594
  3. Business 11600
  4. French  11598
  5. Math 11596
  6. Music  11601
  7. Science 11595
  8. Spanish 11599
  9. Writing 11597

Student Survey:

After your eTutoring session you will receive an email with a link to a two-question survey. Please offer your feedback so we can improve our services to you.

eTutoring Services:

  1. The eWriting Lab - submit a draft of your paper, asking for specific feedback. Receive a tutor's response within 24-48 hours.
  2. Live Tutoring Via eChat - Interractive sessions (one-on-one) in a virtual online environment. Every subject except writing.
  3. eQuestions - Submit a question to a specific tutor. S/he will respond within 48 hours.
  4. eChat - Browser must be set to allow pop-ups. Then choose a tutor who is currently online.
  5. Schedules - Located on lower right hand side of the welcome page.


Contact Liz Coleman, Tutoring Services Coordinator

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