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CTDLC & Starfish Solutions Partner and Starfish Retention Solutions

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between CTDLC’s, its collaborative online tutoring program and platform, and Starfish Retention Solutions, a leading provider of student success systems. Together, we offer academic institutions an unparalleled opportunity to identify students who need additional help and then to provide that extra help in a timely manner.
With a discount on Starfish’s services made available for all of CTDLC’s members and clients, the partnership is intended to help institutions improve retention and success rates during the first year of college when students need the most help by leveraging technology to efficiently monitor and support student success.

At-Risk Student Identification in Real Time

The joint solution will leverage Starfish EARLY ALERT(TM) (which taps into your existing course management system) to identify underperforming students, based on measurements of their daily academic activity such as low grades, poor attendance or missed assignments. The system will then deliver automatic email notifications to those students, alerting them to the institution’s concerns. The email will include a direct link to academic support services provided by, such as online tutoring and writing support.

Easy for Your. Invaluable for Your Students. Learn More Today!

You are invited to learn more about Starfish at one of their complimentary Webinars.
– To register, please visit
– To learn about how your institution can take advantage of the discount program, please call 703.260.1186 or visit

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